TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW
TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW

TIKI UV (365nm UV) - 1000mW

"Been using this for my watch collections to check their lume! Pocket size and easy to carry around. White light mode makes this even more useful when I need to look for stuff in the dark." - Robert H.

Powerful UV light reveals stains, bodily fluids, pet messes, detects counterfeit documents, spot bed bugs and more! 80 lumen side white light included. USB-C Rechargeable.

Flood Beam (20~100m)

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Discover, Verify, Conquer: TIKI UV Does It All!

Illuminate hidden stains and verify authenticity with a powerful UV light, all in a compact, USB-C rechargeable design.

  • True 365nm 1000mW UV beam (1h runtime)
  • 35~70 lumen high CRI white lantern light
  • 365-day standby battery life, able to use while charging
  • USB-C built-in charging port, zero to full in 1 hours 20mins
  • Easy to use 1 button control
  • IP66 water resistant and 1m impact resistant

Lighting the Way: How the TIKI Flashlight Outperforms Your Smartphone

Experience True Clarity - 365nm UV light isn't just for professionals; it's your everyday hero. From checking currency to revealing hidden gems in your life, it's the tool for every discovery, big or small. Whether it's uncovering secrets or shedding light on the unseen, trust in our UV light for clarity in every situation.

See Every Detail - Total reflective optic lens ensures that you see it all, with a uniform beam for up-close precision. No more missed spots or blurry edges – just crystal-clear focus on what matters most.

Illuminate Your Path - With side lantern and flashing lights, our UV light isn't just for specialized tasks. High CRI white LEDs reveal true colors for everyday use, whether you're reading under the covers or camping under the stars. And with flashing white warning mode, safety is always in sight – even in the darkest of nights.

Simple and Intuitive - Easy one-button interface puts power at your fingertips. No complicated menus or confusing settings – just hold for high mode, double press for constant-on, and triple press for UV lights. It's convenience made simple.

Always Ready, Always Reliable - With APC (Advanced Power Cutoff) Technology and a 130mAh Li-ion battery, our UV light stands by you for up to 365 days – without missing a beat. And when you're on the go, it can even be used while charging, so you're never left in the dark.

Tired of struggling with weak UV lights?

Introducing the Nitecore TIKI UV - your ultimate solution to detection on the go.

With its compact design and powerful UV illumination, the TIKI UV goes beyond ordinary flashlights, offering you a versatile tool for spotting stains, verifying documents, and even detecting counterfeit items.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can trust the authenticity of your currency or the cleanliness of your surroundings with just a quick shine of the TIKI UV. Its compact size makes it perfect for everyday carry, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Don't settle for ordinary flashlights that leave you in the dark. Upgrade to the Nitecore TIKI UV today and experience the power of true illumination in the palm of your hand!



UV High
1000mW 1h
UV Low
White High
36 cd
White Low
35 1h
15 cd


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2019 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


LED Luminus SST-10-UV
Reflector Total Reflective Optic
Battery Requirements 130mAh built in battery
Special Modes Warning Flashing
IP Rating IP66 (Water resistant)
Impact Resistance 1 m
55 mm / 2.17 in
Head Diameter 14.7 mm / 0.58 in
Weight 10.5 g / 0.37 oz
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

What's In The Box

  • 1x TIKI UV (Charging cable not included)
  • 1x Keyring

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