NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station
NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station

NES2000 (2016Wh) Portable Power Station

"Very good product, works well. Output 220V sinus very clean! I recommend this power station." - Frank D.

Heavy duty portable power station to keep your essential items, phones, tablets, cameras, small appliances, lights, even medical devices charged and ready to go.

Available in Singapore only, not available for worldwide delivery.

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First look and features of the NES2000 Power Station.

Overkill is the game, NES2000 is the name.

With 560,000mAh capacity of power at your disposal, unlimited power is now a reality.

  • 2016Whs of power packed into an ergonomic easy-carry frame
  • All-purpose High 2000W AC Output
  • All New Rollable Design
  • Multiple Protection Safeguards
  • Advanced Bluetooth App Connection
  • Extensive Output Options
  • MPPT Technology for solar charging
  • In-built Advanced Battery Management System

Heavy duty power is now a rollable option with the NES2000.

LIMITLESS POWER ON THE GO - The NES2000 Power Station delivers high-quality high capacity lithium power you can rely on. With a focus on being able to carry heavy duty power for use anywhere, powering a desktop, oven or powerdrill is no longer a wall-socket limitation.

Having the output capacity of 2000 Watts on the AC Output ports, the NES2000 is equipped to handle any emergency situations, road trips, outdoor works and can even be as a home backup power system.

EXTENSIVE CHARGING METHODS - Equipped with the latest charging technology, including 2 high-speed Power Delivery ports and 3 220V 110V AC 3-pinned Output slots capable of charging and power all your heavy duty gears at full power. Up to date, the NES2000 has the most ports in all of Niteore's Power Station range.

SOLAR READY + MPPT Technology - Easy charging of the NES2000 from the sun can be done with our portable FSP100W solar panel while away from the grid for extensive periods, making this a true portable power solution suited for emergencies, heavy outdoor camping uses and as a backup power source for your home.

The NES2000 is also featured with integrated MPPT Tech which can monitor and regulate solar charging to make it the most effecient draw and for wireless observation through the NNERGY APP.

NEW Advanced Bluetooth Connection - Easy management of the NES2000 away from the sun can be accessed with our NNERGY APP while away from the powerstation. Live monitoring of power, adjustments of settings and updating of firmware upgrades can now all be done with a touch of a screen.

NES2000, the most advanced and powerful Powerstation yet.

Nitecore has been making gear for professional clients for years. Over 15 different international agencies have Nitecore as their standard issue. So we know exactly where and how much power is needed, the increasing challenges that operators and everyday people on the ground face and what's expected of reliable gear.

After many years of making Power Stations, we've seen how portable power isn't that useful with just raw usable power, but needs to also have flexibility in ports and ease of portability as a key focus.

With that, with the aim of making heavy-duty power as usable into the largest portable form factor possible, the NES2000 is a product of many years in the making.

Made with the next generation 21700 li-ion batteries, an in-built battery management system (BMS) along with multiple protection safeguards, an anti-shock 3D suspension system, the world's first power station with Bluetooth App connectivity, and an extensive output outputs for all casual and commercial appliances, the NES2000 is equipped to handle all types of situations.

If you've been looking for the biggest Power Station Nitecore has to offer for 2023, don't miss this Powersation with unmatched heavy-duty power for your needs, anywhere.

What can the NES2000 Power?

Cig Lighter Out
12V/5W LED Light 307h
Portable Fridge 40W 73h
AC Out
Drone (38W) 40 times
Fan (40W) 38h
Electric Blanket (60W) 25h
Projector (100W) 15h
LCD TV (150W) 10h
Desktop Computer (200W) 7.6h
Electric Drill (500W) 2-4h
Electric Kettle (800W) 1.9h
Rice Cooker (1000W) 1.5h
Hammer Drill (1000W) 1.1-2.2h
Microwave (1300W) 0.9-2.2h
Electric Kettle (1500W) 1h
Electric Oven (1650W) 0.9h
USB Output
Mate 40 Pro 94 times
Nintendo Switch 96 times
Iphone 12 Pro 147 times
Iphone 14 Pro Max 92 times
Iphone 14 Pro 124 times
Ipad Pro 12.9" 41 times
Macbook Pro 16" 15 times


Cell 21700 Li-ion Batteries
Capacity 2016Wh (25.2V, 80Ah) (560000mAh)
DC Input 12V-36V, up to 20A (720W MAX)
USB-C Input 5V-3A / 9V-3A / 12V - 3A / 15V - 3A / 20V - 5A (100W Max Per Port)
AC Output 220V~9.09A 50Hz, Pure Sine Wave (2200W, 4000W Surge)
Cig Lighter Output 12V-10A (120W Max)
DC2 Output 24V-20A (500W Max)
USB-A Output
5V-3A / 9V-2A / 12V-2A / 20V-1.5A (30W Max Per Port)
USB-C Output 5V-3A / 9V-3A / 12V-3A / 15V-3A / 20V-5A (100W max)
Shelf-Life Charge every 3-6 months
Lifecycles 500 cycles to 80% (Discharge rate: 1C, full charge/discharge, Temp 25°C)
Operating Temperature -10~40°C (14~104°F)
Dimensions 317mm x 214mm x 282.5mm (12.48" x 8.43" x 11.12")
Weight 22.41kg (49.41 lbs)
Accessories AC Adapter Power Cord & Car Charger
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

What's In The Box

  • 1x NES2000
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x User Manual

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