3 Best Lights For Guard House & Security Command Centers


For checkpoint type of setups, like immigration, customs, and traffic stop points, go for high-powered flood lights.

Flood can light up the entire vehicle or truck up close. You can catch if a threat sneaks out somewhere on the side. It’s also bright enough to punch through heavy tinted windows, and flood is good for up-close work if you’re checking a car trunk, searching bags or checking under the hood.

Order the P20iX - 4000 lumens

P20iX Beam Demo


For property type of setups, like hotels, office buildings, condos, power plants, factories, go with mixed beam lights that can cover a good 50 to 100 meters

They needs to move through the building, carparks, hallways, perimeter fencing, and specific checkpoints. All of which have different distances to cover.

Order the P20i - 1800 lumens

P20i Beam Demo


For open fields, farms, plantations, air bases, resorts, treelines, where you need to cover a lot of ground from certain vantage points.

for lights like the P30 or P30i here, incredible long beams that lets you see far and spot any odd things going on, without you having to walk all the way to the end.

shop the p30i - 2000 lumens here

P30i Beam Demo